Develop Child Protect Framework & Sector Policies For Education, Media

at Save the Children International
Location Lusaka, Zambia
Date Posted 5 November 2021
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Save the Children International (SCI) is the world’s leading independent organization for children. SCI has been working in Zambia since 1989, implementing both development and humanitarian programs with the government; civil society partners, caregivers, communities and children to advance the rights and wellbeing of children to ensure all children learn, survive and are protected. Save the Children supports programs in the thematic areas of education, health and nutrition, child rights governance, child poverty and child protection


Development actors striving to promote and protect the rights and wellbeing of children both in development and humanitarian settings continue to face risk of causing intention and unintentional harm against children impacting on their protection and wellbeing. Threats to safety for children from these actor’s is common and related to multiple risks, including child maltreatment and abuse, sexual exploitation and abuse, and other safety risks, can compromise child and human rights. Child safeguarding work often involves the following: assess risks; establish or apply protocols and standards to mitigate risks; prevent harms through vetting, training and managing personnel and partners; promote methods for detection and reporting of concerns; respond appropriately to incidents to reduce harms (and provide institutional knowledge about referral pathways organization-wide); and monitor, evaluate and learn from our safeguarding work.

While Zambia has made tremendous strides to strengthen its policy and legal framework to guarantee the protection, promotion and fulfilments of rights and wellbeing of children, there are a number of gaps that continues to persist. While different stakeholders have made efforts to the Prevention of Sexual Exploitation and Abuse (PSEA) there is no overarching national framework or guidelines on child safe guarding to ensure clear protocols to ensure safe programing for children to promote their protection among actors that work with and for children. In addition, those that commit violence against children are not held accountable, and this includes adults whose work with children to promote their wellbeing abrogating key standards of safeguard in the process. This is constrained by lack of the National Child Safeguarding framework to guide child safeguarding and ensure protection and referral measures are in place in various settings such as schools and media among others.

The Ministry of Community Development and Social Services (MCDSS) through the Department of Child Development has the mandate to lead policy development, guidance and coordination related to protection has identified the need to strengthen child safeguarding as a critical element towards the realization of children rights to protection. Its long-term vision is to have an overall child safeguarding framework that will guide the development of varying sector specific child safeguarding policies in education, media, recreation among others which currently engage with children but do not have specific guidance, which pose a threat to their protection and wellbeing.

With Financial support from UNICEF, MCDSS in partnership with SavetheChildren (SC) is implementing a two (2)-year project aimed at strengthening coordination, legal and policy frameworks for the realization children’s rights in Zambia, who’s among key deliverables is to have national frameworks to support child safeguarding and sector specific child safeguarding policies (Education and Media). Save the Children and MCDSS hereby call for consultancy services in the delivery of this assignment.

Operational modalities

The consultant will provide technical support to MCDSS in the development of the National Child Safeguarding and Protection Framework and sector specific child safeguarding policies (in this case Education and Media). The consultant will work closely with Save the Children and MCDSS through the Department of Child Development. The consultant will further engage with the technical working group members for child protection and relevant sectoral Ministries to complete the assignment including UNICEF. The consultant will report administratively to Save the Children in the delivery of key outputs for this assignment, while working closely with both MCDSS and Save the Children with relevant designated staff on technical matters for this assignment.


The objective of the consultancy is to develop a National Child Safeguarding and Protection Framework, which will have all safeguarding principles and then develop sector specific safeguarding in education and the media. The National Framework will help guide the development of sector specific safeguarding policies.

Description of the Assignment (Scope of Work) Specific Tasks

The consultant will provide technical support to MCDSS during the development of the national child safeguarding and sector specific child safeguarding policies for education and media. This includes consulting with key stakeholders and actors in Zambia (through virtual or in-person modalities) and as relevant within Zambia and the region. First, the consultant will contribute to the development of the overall national strategy, and thereafter, s/he will contribute to the development of sector specific child safeguarding policies in the media and education. Tasks include the following:

1)     Develop an inception report, leading to agreement with MCDSS, Save the Children, UNICEF and the TWG on the methodology of the consultancy.

2)     Gather information and conduct mapping of safeguarding policies, practices, programmes in Zambia, and the region. This should build on best practices in delivering durable solutions to addressing safeguarding risks and consistently engaging with relevant stakeholders such as government institution and other networks relevant to this subject area.

3)    Draft the national Child Safeguarding and Protection Framework and develop sector specific child safeguarding policies. Emphasis is being put on having a safeguarding and protection framework and sector specific safeguarding and protection with key guidance on quality standards for effective implementation of the framework and the related guidelines.

4)     Comments received from TWG integrated into national framework on child safeguarding and protection framework and sector specific safeguarding policies.

5)     Consolidate the framework and sector specific safeguarding policies and prepare summary and presentation on relevant policies and practice in Zambia and the region.

6)     Engage with relevant sectoral specific actors (education and media) to gain inputs in the development of guidelines and incorporate relevant feedback along the process.

7)     Final report produced highlighting key achievements, opportunities and gaps in safeguarding work in Zambia, suggestions for future work of TWG.

8)     Produce the final framework and guidelines for MCDSS to roll out across the country.

Indicative timeframe for the consultancy

Expected assignment start date, December 1st, 2021

Expected end date: 28th February 2022

Qualifications and Experience

  • Advanced university degree in social work, psychology, law or a related field;
  • A minimum of 5 years experience in child rights, child protection, safeguarding or related assignments with demonstrated experience in the development of national-level strategic documents and guidelines.
  • Demonstrated experience of developing strategy or policy in collaboration with Government
  • Demonstrated experience and knowledge of child participation or related field;
  • Outstanding writing skills.
  • Ability to work collaboratively with others.

Other requirements

  • Cover letter
  • CVs of the lead consultants and other support members if any (maximum 5 pages with references)
  • A copy of a similar piece of work done in the last 5 years.
  • Technical proposal (maximum 6 pages) including the scope of work showcasing an understanding of the assignment.
  • Financial Proposal. The financial proposal should provide cost estimates for services rendered including daily consultancy fees. The consultant has to cover all field related costs (accommodation, per diem, transport etc.).
  • Copy of registration /VAT certificates
  • Evaluation Process and methods

Interested applicants should present their CV as well as a technical and financial proposal:

  • The technical proposal should indicate an initial proposal and methodology of how the consultant suggests the assignment will be approached (3 pages max).
  • A financial proposal for the assignment will be presented separately.

Each proposal will be assessed first on its technical merits including quality of standards proposed during the implementation stage and subsequently on cost-effectiveness. The proposal obtaining the overall highest score after adding the scores for the technical and price proposals is the proposal that offers the best value for money and will be recommended for award of the contract.  Technical proposal and experience will account for 70/100 whereas cost proposal accounts for 30/100 of the marks.

Child safeguarding statement

The contracting partners Save the Children and its counterparts, MCDSS and UNICEF are committed to safeguarding children and have a zero-tolerance to any acts of abuse against children and will therefore expect the consulting individuals and agencies to abide by this commitment in the process of supporting the contracting partners to deliver this assignment.

Application Conditions

Follow this Final revised  CHILD SAFEGUARDING FRAMEWORK 28-10-2021.doc  for specific additional information requirements.

The deadline for submission of the Expressions of Interest is Monday 15th November 2021 at midnight GMT.  Expressions of Interests submitted after the stated closing time and date will not be accepted.

All inquiries should be directed to:
Applications should be submitted to


Save the Children will only contact successful applicants

Save the Children reserves the right to accept or reject any proposal/expression or cancel the procurement process at any time, without assigning any reason, and shall have no liability to any potential consultants for such rejection or cancellation of the procurement.

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